Does This Girl Have The Nicest Butt On Instagram?

If you haven't heard by now, Jen Selter has one of the most popular butts on instagram. These are some of our favorites. What do you think? FYI, Jen Selter has the nicest butt on Instagram. Fact.

Great Reasons to Quit Facebook in 2014


You shouldn't be inside your room staring at pictures of girls you know on the internet, you should be out there trying to hang out with those girls. Facebook makes you an anti-social voyeur when you could be going after the girl of your dreams.

Hairstyles Any Guy Will Love


Want a hairstyle that will get his attention? #3 will for sure! Get a 'do that will turn heads wherever you go.

Hipster Girls are Simply Hotter

You may not care what obscure band they're listening to, or how they shop at vintage clothing stores, but it's impossible to ignore how hot they are. Allow me to show you some evidence that backs up my assertion.
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